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Software as a service to manage corporate’s resources such as cost resources till managing project with single source

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Organization Mgmt.

Supports hierarchical management, manages according to structure. See working in the agency Easy for executives to manage

Real time

Record online anytime, anywhere, allowing executives to check to see. Track the amount of work through a single system

Security Protection

Security system for both system and users separate their login codes independently for access or change their personal password

Increase Efficiency

Assignment, tracking various costs & tasks. Clearly seen. Help in making decisions Manage the organization to be efficient.

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Increase organizational efficiency & collaboration through improved Internal and external Communication

Increase work efficiency Manage employees’ working hours to suit various projects and tasks. Control work costs. Real-time check Accessible anytime, anywhere Safe, and without worrying about data leaks. It can be applied to various businesses, such as lawyers, and delivery drivers. Online business, Digital Marketing, etc.

Collect Capacity Data Collect Actionable Data

Record data hourly, daily, weekly summary Approve report Show monthly and yearly results, check, plan, adjust, and increase efficiency in time.

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The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need



Entry work schedule, work performance Notify of daily work reports, time expires, recorded anywhere, anytime.


Work flow structure Approve reports to meet work order goals. Focus on details, easy to take care of


Summary reports are clear and easy to view. Compare the number of people, time, and costs invested each day, month, year. Look back and compare work efficiency.


Announcement of holidays, working days as per schedule Details of various projects, costs, and equipment can be accessed according to the specified rights order.


View various reports, both detailed, day-to-day, monthly, yearly, situation reports, expenses, finances, and various projects in one place. Be able to review history data and report.


Able to manage the whole system, supervisors and executives see the same information in real time, can make decisions and take action quickly and in time with events.

Easy and fun to record.

Supports additional extensions to connect to the LINE application so that employees can participate and have fun entering data. Resulting in more accurate and accurate information.

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"NRVT Vitz really helps our organization work with flexibility and efficiency. After using it We allocate costs and employees appropriately Employees work comfortably. Executives like us see real-time data and make decisions. and manage everything better""

– Hitoshi N.

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