Key Assets

Managing Assets and Properties with a systematic system every time everywhere

Manage installment assets Program platform Help facilitate Able to work anywhere, anytime, adjust payment installments, and issue important documents. With a customer notification system Develop directly to projects in the land type Various types of real estate Can be applied to many types of business owners.

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Digital Strategy

Strategies for conducting operations through the online digital system make it convenient, fast, and accurate, as well as being able to access information anywhere, anytime. Makes work easy, saves time, and has data backup. No need to worry about lost data. You can watch it again.

User Experience

Project customers can access the system. Users benefit from a system that is standardized, safe, and creates reliability. You can check your own information. Makes the project owner more confident than in general projects.


Project owners and customers, as well as project employees, can access information by specifying data levels. You can also log into the system through any type of device, such as a mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Rule Base Calculation

Develop a system based on project implementation experience from experts in various forms of asset management. Make the internal algorithm structure system Calculate payment installments flexibly and reliable

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The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

Developed from the experience of experts in the real estate industry.

Complete with all functions to meet every use.

Reservation system

Reservation record (reservation form issued) Deposit payment record (Issue a deposit payment receipt) History of booking and receiving deposits Booking cancellation history

Invoice system

Save the invoice (Issue periodic invoices) Invoices over 60 days Invoicing history as well as invoice cancellation history

Receipt system

Record periodic receipts History of receiving money Check/Approve position hierarchy
Approve deposit payment Approve payment per installment


Report according to customer, according to project/land, according to reservation, according to invoice received in installments. and overdue reports as well as document work

Manage paper headers Issue various important documents

Master data

Customer Login – Land Owner

News (Customer) notifies the screen of the customer coming to check. Payment history or notification and receipt

Project/Land (Manage the installment system, history, summary system, promote image project sales)

Additional tools

Simple and detailed project evaluation system with calculation of payment amount.
You can adjust and view the payment amount. which the system will calculate automatically

Formatting important documents

Easy and systematic. Answer the redundancy problem

From the problem of complexity of the work that the project owner must manage. We allocate formats so that work can be done easily and quickly. Reduce several steps without losing the structure Because the program was designed by project owners who have a lot of experience, have actually used it, and gotten real results.

Today's work requires good tools to help make work easier. Get convenience and speed Especially time is important. The more time we save and the more time we get back. It means that we will become more prosperous, and Key Assets are something that very much meets the needs of our team's work.

Testimonial Item

Paweena B.

Business Owner, Asset & Properties Managment

Since I worked in the land field I began to realize that paperwork was important. And the more customers you have, the more paperwork you have to do. There have been many times. who feel tired of paperwork and don't want to get up and do those tasks at all But how can I do it? When working on land and installments, there must be documents. For this reason, I was looking for help and came across Key Assets, so I came to use the program that they had made for me. The results show that their system is a great answer to my work. Recommend everyone to use. Guaranteed you won't be disappointed.

Testimonial Item

Jaokum T.

Owner, Real Estate Mangment.

“NRVT Key Assets are a key tool in managing all of our projects. Service team and management team Manage everything easily with just one tool."

– Pinyo S.

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