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Easier Life

Ez CMS – Content Management System, the simplest CMS system designed and developed from standard CMS. No required technical knowledge. Be able to edit the document, you can start easy Salepage now!

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Secured Authentication

System protect with secured authentication by individual login & password

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Free customization

Can be freely customized. Supports all devices Accessible anywhere, anytime

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Order cart system

There is an ordering cart system for customers to order immediately. Ready to connect orders to the seller’s hands immediately.

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Training & Help

There is a training service system available for use. You can see how to use it yourself. Assistance service with a professional team



Simplify the Content Management System for Salepage, users can modify all images, and update their products, price, and channel anywhere. Pay one time worry-free for one year.

Build Fun Easy Step for building Salepage

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Qaulify Satisfaction

Guaranteed satisfaction from customers who have used it.

The Ez! CMS we received from NRVT was very impressive! With a simple, easy-to-use design, our web page Customers understand and can easily place orders.

Sataporn S.

Owner, Chompoo Shop

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