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Serves to create

e-commerce / online store websites

The website design system supports the development of standard store websites, restaurants, and online shopping. Access to a wider group of customers, reducing costs for setting up stores as usual for customers continuously

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Why do you need E-Commerce?

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Reduce cost

Helps reduce space rental costs, decoration costs, employee costs, and various utility costs.

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Analyze customer data

Analyze customer data for use in personal marketing and future sales planning. Including being able to analyze sales data to plan products or services.

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Access to world wide customer

Online stores are accessible to customers all over the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers see products and brands directly.

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Expand the market

Helps businesses expand their market to new target groups. easily Including being able to expand sales channels to other platforms such as social media. e-marketplace, etc.

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Create a Brand

Online stores can help businesses build their brand. Customers see the brand and recognize it quickly. Through various online marketing

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Serve products & services continously

Customers can easily and conveniently order products through the online store. without having to travel from home It also helps customers be confident that they will receive products that meet their needs and are of high quality.


Worldwide standard Shopping Cart System

More than shopping cart

Do it once and you can do more. Presents brand introductions, brand identity and has a shopping cart for immediate ordering. Do it once and complete it.


We Serve a Variety of Functions & Utilities

The store system can support management in all dimensions in creating products and services to be known and popular in the market.

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Online Stores

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Delivery status

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Back Stores

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Customer Relationship

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