NARA Advancetech – NRVT fully provides all digital transformation services from building website sales page landing pages for start-ups, SMEs through corporations. Also, we provide marketing services on Google and all Social Media. Moreover, we provide various software as a services such as Vitz and KeyAssets.

  • Guarantee service satisfaction 100% 100%
  • Hosting & System 24 hrs avaliablity 99% 99%
  • 5 Stars customers’ satisfaction 95% 95%
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Start Salepage

Start a sales page, open and close sales with a single page, low investment, and create sales immediately.

Complete shopping cart system for accepting orders Connect to social media, share, chat in all formats, support online marketing.

Start Businesspage

Start a business page
Service for creating a 1-page company web page, cheap price, choose a ready-made design, customize images, and complete information.

There is all the information to introduce the company, complete on one page.


Online store website creation service
(5 pages)
Arrange designs, adjust images and colors, and add information to introduce the brand.

Shopping cart system Connect and respond to customers Supports payment systems, transportation systems, standard systems, ready to sell immediately.

Grow Corporate Website

Company website creation service (5 pages)
Choose the structure, and adjust the shape and color.

Clear structure, deliver work quickly

Standard website, complete information on every page Supports search, fully installed


Full platform service

Vendor management certification system, and supports multi-languages.

Shopping cart, storefront, product grouping, promotions, full report

Great International Corporate Website

Full website creation service in 2 languages
(10 pages)
Free design, unlimited design

There is a language change system. Choose to customize your language in many different languages.

Our service is

Suitble for Biz

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Starting business services Providing services from low cost investment Make a single page sales page. Fast service, ready delivery, create income immediately.

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Services for mid-level organizations that are growing, such as SMEs, creating brand awareness Convert viewers into customers until you build customer relationships (CRM) continuously.

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Comprehensive service for your organization Push the power of digital marketing and all the tools to strengthen your organization or brand.

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Our services

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Single page of all functions same as webesite, call to action, engage customer to buy, include selling function or take an action as our expectation



Single page of call to action, engage customer to buy or take an action as our expectation

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A service to build a Website for building brand awareness and trust. Moreover, our services are able to integrate into various systems such as marketing tools, CRM through traffic data analytics.

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Social Shop

เปิดร้าน LINE My  Shop. Facebook Shop Tikttok Shop เริ่มง่าย เริ่มเลย

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Serve to build an E-commerce / Online store for a brand or products with marketing activities

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Serve to build an E-marketplace system through marketing services to gain customers

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Search Marketing on Google

Serve all kinds of Google marketing activities such as SEO, SEA etc.

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Social Media Markeing

Full services on Social media marketing which start from building marketing plans and Ads, distributing the target market.




3 levels of service for users. No technology knowledge is required. Select the level to operate your current business or select the level to start online with us. We provide a complete package of all functions necessary for online trading businesses. and have flexibility in investing and expanding opportunities


  • Use language that is easy to understand for accessing needs before planning
  • Operate systematically, consistent with synchronization in every dimension
  • Evaluate and inspect thoroughly before delivery
  • Survey customers’ satisfaction with continuous development
  • Research various technologies to answer market and business demands
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Economical sales page

Connect to popular social media. Easy to market.

You can edit additional products yourself. No monthly

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Website Standard increases credibility, builds a brand

Push marketing to increase your chances of being recognized. Customers can easily find it.

Connect to basic management systems

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Global Standard website increases trustworthiness and builds a brand.

All forms of marketing, find them, build a brand

Management system action plan

Service Quality

Guaratee services

Mastering operations based on a global organization to maximize and maintain customer satisfaction. Our service quality has guarantee by our customers’ testimonial.

We use SEO and SEM services from nrvt.co.th to create great search visibility! The team was creative in developing strategies and it helped significantly increase the revenue of our business.

Radchada L

MD, Maker Step Solutions

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NRVT is a great value provider! We received a beautiful One page website that was a great value. Including a simple product order management system thank you very much!

Pinyo S.

MD, Asset 789 Mgnt (TH)

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NRVT gurantee services

The work our website received from NRVT has been truly impressive! The system is professional and easy to use. Supporting a team with technical expertise makes our projects a success.

Payuha S.

Director, King Taweesub Distribution

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The website created by NRVT is very impressive! Professional website design and functionality This allows us to manage content efficiently and the SEO on the website is very good. Make us successful in online marketing

Somboon A.

CMO, Thai Con Air Services

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